New Moon in Libra 2017


Getting my new moon on tonight. 

Started off with a random hair curling session while listening to an excellent new moon clearing recording (highly recommend this lady Amanda's work). Other highlights besides the bounce to my hair include...

Trying out the Barbara Streisand Pandora station for the first time. Started off with Memory, from Cats the Musical, so yeah, so far so good on that pick. R

Candles in purple glass lit and adding a warming glow to my study with the occasional crackle here and there. 

Journaling with my trust purple pen with where I'm at and where I'm planning to go in the next 3 months. Been feeling a bit like I'm losing site of my main goal so now is an excellent time to step back and reassess. Jeez does the word reassess look weird to me. Is it just me or do you see it too?

Sometimes I forget all about honoring the new moon. I let it cycle by with hardly a thought, but I always come back to it at some point. Tonight I set aside some me time to consider where my energy is being directed and how to course correct to stay on track for hitting and surpassing the goals I set for myself. And not until I sit down with myself with no distraction do I realize how sorely I've missed, well missed me. 

In a world where it's easy to get swept away in the go go go mentality it's important for us to create a space every month to step back and prune away that which isn't serving our greater self.


Brooke Goedecke