Channeling My Inner Tree


I've been establishing more time boundaries as of late to ensure I have the time to work on my upcoming product line, time to relax, and have more quality time with my husband. And let's face it... more time to work on our house (oh the life of the homeowner of a 1940s house!). Lately I've felt situations arise that makes me enforce these boundaries. Not very surprising given it's the holiday season (a season fraught with doing everything for everyone and feeling completely stressed the F out).

This is what typically happens as I enforce my boundaries with others. 

  • Fear pops up in the form of nasty self talk. I'm a bitch, selfish, cold, unsupportive.
  • I start justifying my actions.
  • I feel plain awkward in my own body and my energy feels kinked.
  • Frustration around constantly having new requests of my time pop up. 
  • Dreams of running off to a tropical locale for all of December next year...

Can you relate to any of these? I have a feeling I'm not alone...

In the long run I'll feel much more aligned and happy in my life if I stick to my boundaries. I know this and it's the reason I've been sticking to them even during times of the uncomfortableness above. I know the more practice I get in keeping my word to myself that the easier it will become to say, "no." To say no even when it means it'll inconvenience the other person. If I say yes I'll inconvenience myself and then feel resentful towards the other party. Not really my idea of an ideal life.

I share this piece today because this message needs to be shared again and again, by all of us. The more we talk about personal boundaries the more comfortable we'll become at enforcing them and the less difficult we'll be on ourselves. A prominent message in many societies throughout the world is that other people's feelings matter more than our own. We need to "suck it up" and do what they ask.

Now while we shouldn't try and hurt people intentionally we need to remember our feelings matter, our word to ourselves matter. 

And so I'll take a note from my trusty friends, the trees, and imagine my boundaries as roots that set up my foundation. The foundation I need so I may accomplish the goals I've set with ease and flow. 


Brooke G.

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