One Tweak to Help You Gain More Self Confidence

Today I wanted to connect with you about one small way we can help curb self-judgment and increase our self confidence. If you prefer to listen to me talk you can catch the video version of this post here.

I think most of us know it could do us good to think more positive thoughts. We shouldn't talk to ourselves in a negative tone because we'd never talk to a loved one how we talk to ourselves.

We would never do that, right? While how we speak to ourselves is important, I also want to bring some light to the more subtle ways we may judge ourselves. This is one way that I have judged myself in the past and it was so ingrained in me that I didn't even notice my judgement for a long time.

And so this one small tweak is one that I actually got from one of my journals as I was thumbing through looking it. What I wrote to myself is one of the small ways to begin accepting more of yourself.

Don't judge your handwriting.

Journal, and just let it flow, even if you can barely read it. Don't stop writing, and just let it flow. My handwriting, I go back, and here's an example of a page that inspired this post.



It's funny how I can tell my energy from my writing that day. When I started this journal, and my handwriting looks tight. I can tell I'm trying to be neater with my handwriting, but looking back it just feels like I was restraining myself. Because that's exactly what I was doing. Focusing more on looking good on paper rather than focus on the words that wanted to flow out from my fingers onto paper.

As I continued to write in this journal my style gets looser and I find mysel in the moment. Who else is going to read my journal writing but me? So why am I judging myself for how I'm writing? Just, who cares if my handwriting is messy? So be it.

And that is my tip for today. For a small subtle way to stop the self-judgment. Why bother with something seemingly minute you may ask? Here's why I think this is important. It's not the only small thing that we automatically judge ourselves on that in turn leads us to think negatively about ourselves.

I feel like it can have this compound effect if we start to transform all of these really subtle self-judgments into positives. Over time it's just going to be easier and easier for us to love and accept ourselves for who we are at this point in time.

I highly encourage you to try this. So pull out a piece of paper, get a pen, or your favorite marker (I love to journal in marker). Then just allow yourself to write what you feel without focusing on your style of writing. You may have to resist the urge to make the page look prettier, but do your best to ignore that urge and continue focusing on getting your thoughts out onto paper. 

If this has resonated with you or if you'd like to share other small ways you may judge yourself I'd love for you to share below in the comments.

And if you know someone who would like to hear this message please feel free to share this link with them.

xoxo Brooke G.