How to Increase the Life of Your Beauty Products | High Vibe Your Home Episode 4

This week’s High Vibe Your Home episode involves a very simple tip to keep your beauty products looking new throughout their lifespan.

Personally I tend to lose interest in my products and get the urge to buy new ones before I use the old ones up. One day I realized that my makeup, shampoo and conditioner, and moisturizer were looking dingy and part of the reason I want to buy new products is because they are all shiny and make me want to use them more than my old stuff. 

This very simple trick I share in the video has helped me appreciate the beauty and hair care products I own and use much more than in the past. 


Are there any products that you're feeling less than excited to use these days? I urge you to try this tip out on them and then share in the comments below how you feel about the product afterward. 

Thanks for watching today!


Brooke G.


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