Why I Decided to Lower My Prices, a lesson in letting my heart lead my business decisions.


I got an intuitive urge this morning to lower the prices on the mantra candles, permanently. I felt an urge to lower the price so as to open them up to a wider audience. I want to get these into more homes so they can help others how they've helped me in my life. 

These materials for the mantra candles have been the most expensive to date for me to source and I was following a pricing system that is typically used in most retail spaces. The pricing I first landed on didn't feel right for me, but I felt I HAD to use the model that I was thought to believe was the one to follow for success in maintaining strong profit margins.

Now I'm saying to hell with it and pricing from my heart on what feels most right to me and I hope in turn that it feels great to you too. The 6.7 ounce mantra candles went from $46 to a new price of $38 and the 13 ounce mantra candles went from $75 all the way down to $52. Wow, right? 

These mantra candles add a great energy to a room and help to cheer us along while we attempt to push ourselves past our comfort zones to experience a better life for ourselves. I like to think of them as little cheerleaders for our thoughts reminding us that we are enough, we are worthy, and most important of all, that who we are is who we are meant to be. 

All candles are made to order and will ship out within 2 days once an order is placed. If you are interested in picking up a candle of your own you can check out the shop here

Thanks for reading this today. Maybe it's an overshare to let you in on this side of the business, but I felt a pull to share this decision with you. Who knows... maybe this post will help you to remember to trust your instincts over advice being thrown at you from others. We're each on our own path and advice that may work for others may not work for us at the stage of life we find ourselves in.