9 Reasons Why I Love Denise DT's Money Bootcamp Course

9 Reasons Why I Love Denise DT's Money Bootcamp Course | Mining For Soul

I'm writing this review on the Money Bootcamp because the Money Bootcamp e-course by Denise Duffield-Thomas (Denise DT for short) has helped shift my life in the most positive ways. You can watch the video or scroll down below to read the review.

Denise's course and the work I've done on my mindset actually led me to an evolution in my candle business, purchase our rental home last year, and even doing this work gave me the faith to finally leave my full-time job at the start of the year. Not to mention I fear and stress over money way less than I used to, but let's back track just a little here...

I joined bootcamp back in October 2016 after 8 months after getting on Denise's email list. There was a live round of bootcamp happening and I felt it was my time to say yes to feeling better about money. 

You see I always felt like there was a cap to the money I could earn. That money was hard to come by and easily spent. That you were either born lucky in wealth or one of the outlier few that earned massive fortunes. That rich people were snobby and greedy. 

That's a lot of negative thinking about money. And I just figured it was normal because it feels like it is normal per society's message. It wasn't until Denise talked about all these stories (yes, they are just stories) that I realized there was a better way to view money and my worth.

The biggest thing I've realized is that it's so much MORE than money mindset that is worked on with the Money Bootcamp course. While the focus in on money I gained insights into all other aspects of my life that needed support. The tools you'll receive in bootcamp are ones that are universal in dealing with whatever lack you may feel in any aspect of your life. 

I could wax poetic for DAYS over why I love this program, but for the sake of you not having to read a novel of a post I will leave you with my top nine reasons why I love this course and why you might love it too. 

1. Evergreen lifetime membership

Live rounds of bootcamp happen yearly. I've now taken part of 3 live rounds and countless rounds spurred on in the community. I don't know about you, but I tend to follow through more when I'm part of a group of people going through the material at the same time. For this I've received far more than my money's worth year after year. 

2. Phenomenal supportive Facebook community

You know how people complain that FB is full of negativity? Well the FB group for the Money Bootcamp course is an oasis of that, full of much love and support where we can be ourselves in a safe place without judgement. 

Another bonus of the community is that you will come face to face with blocks of yours that you've never been able to vocalize just by relating to another women's posts. We help each other dig in deeper to the root of the issue by sharing and supporting one another. 

3. All the AHAs

Denise teaches us many tools within Money Bootcamp that help us find the root issues that keep us in certain negative money patterns. The tools are simple enough to incorporate into your daily or weekly routine for the rest of your life. I often utilize one or more of the tools I've learned whenever I encounter anything in my day that makes me anxious, stressed, or fearful.

Make no mistake though. While the tools are simple in theory this work takes... well work. Sitting down to excavate our money past is tough work and that is why the private Facebook community (that I mentioned in point #2) is so powerful.

4. Working on yourself has never felt more fun

It's great to get to the place where when faced with a new limiting belief (we like to refer to them as "juicy" blocks in bootcamp) we can feel excitement instead of dread. I welcome my awareness around my blocks now because I know that awareness is one step closer to dissolving what is holding myself back from achieving my financial and business goals. 

5. Denise Dt is fun to learn from

Denise is down to earth, relatable, chill, loving yet tough when she needs to call us out on our bs. She shares so much of herself with her community and is the first to say that this work is never ending. Because it's not. This work is similar to brushing our teeth. We can't just do it once and be done.

There's always more for us to learn no matter where we are in this journey of life. That is why having a supportive community and easy to follow along 6 week course is essential (imho). It can be very easy in this day and age for us to forget to work on our mindset around money (and our mindset in general) and being a part of this course can help keep this work top of mind. 

6. This course really works.

Seriously it does! Of course... it works as well as what YOU put into it, but I can tell you with 100% honesty that if you show up and do the work you will start dissolving non serving money stories that are holding you back from creating an awesome life for you, your loved ones, and your community. 

7. You start forgetting how you used to be with money

The hardest part of me telling you about my story with bootcamp is that I have a hard time remembering how much lack and fear I felt around money. Now in all honesty I'm not killing it with money coming in quite yet, but I've made massive waves towards clearing away the negative energy to make space for money to flow my way. 

I used to feel gross when I made a sale. Like I was cheating the customer when in fact I was producing a product that brought them joy. I would feel that same grossness when emailing my subscribers. Now that feeling has washed away as I've learned through Money Bootcamp how to deal with these less than stellar feelings and begin celebrating them. 

8. You begin appreciating all the good things that come into your life

Since working in the Money Bootcamp course I've learned to actively acknowledge and appreciate the money and gifts that come my way. By acknowledging the abundance in my life currently I then get in the right frame of mind to call in even more abundance into my life. 

9. You'll Feel Empowered

You'll feel empowered and capable of being worthy enough to earn great money doing what you were born to do. You'll learn that putting yourself first and actively working towards bringing more money in that you're actually helping others in your life.

When we are feeling full of abundance we tend to share more with others that are in need. Imagine being able to donate large sums to causes you care about, be able to take your family on a first class vacation, pay for your niece to go to college, hire a housecleaner or personal cook. Have time in your week to spend with your partner, kids, beloved pets, or friends. 

To sum this all up I'll leave you with this quote.

"Rich men built the world, but rich women are going to change the world for the better." - Denise Duffield-Thomas

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