A Different Take on Dating Profiles

A Different Take on Dating Profiles | Mining For Soul

If you follow me on Instagram (here's the link if you don't yet!) then you might have seen me post this there, but I though it was too good not to share here too.

Owner of Mining for Soul, Brooke

Back in the day when I was on the prowl for a mate I was big into online dating. While a lot of people have mixed opinions on dating profiles, I’ve always loved the idea of them. Your dating profile is all about distilling all your amazingness into a few questions so you can attract the right one for you.

It can feel like a lot of pressure but I find the process is a cool way to get clarity on what you want. For fun I decided to create a little dating profile here but with a twist. It’s my “dating profile” for the type of people I LOVE working with the most. I guess it’s my “business profile.”  

Here we go:

Name: Brooke Goedecke

Occupation: Owner, writer and head candlemaker at Mining For Soul


I create small batch affirmation candles created to remind women of their inner worth so they have the confidence to create their best life every day.

I’m Really Good At:

Lip Syncing and dancing to 90s pop and R&B, letting my two cats sleep on me for hours at a time, reading (I can read all day if you let me), seeing all sides to an argument, silver linings from most anything, and cracking my knuckles.

What I’m looking for: I’m looking for women in their 30s who are ready to believe they can create a life they dream of living, but are feeling a bit stuck and discouraged in getting there.

Favorite quote: Perfectly imperfect, precisely imprecise.

(I unfortunately don't know who first coined this quote, but I discovered back in college in a design book of mine that is now long gone).

You should message me if….you want to learn more about how affirmation candles can help you in shattering your limiting beliefs so you can create the life you dream of living.

(P.S -- You really can message me here

What are you really good at? What are some of your interests? I'd love to know in the comments. Or better yet fill out the above, post on Instagram and tag me in it!

Thanks for reading today,

xo Brooke

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