A Job We Could All Stand to Quit

A Job We Could All Stand to Quit | Mining For Soul

Lately I've been thinking about the amount of energy needed to think negative thoughts. To wallow in my own misery if you will. I mean what could I accomplish if I ceased to worry and talk shit to myself? I can waste hours, well let's be honest here, I can waste days that could have been better served working towards my current goals. 

So I'm thinking about this whole subject and then I just so happened to be viewing a webinar a couple weekends back and one of the hosts, Julie Solomon, had this to say.

"Thinking negative thoughts feels like a job I used to work at."

I'm may be paraphrasing a bit as I didn't write this down word for word in the moment, but the jist of what she was getting at really struck me. If we view negative thinking as a job all we need to do is quit and go for a better feeling job. Then when the negative stuff comes up we can say, we don't do that type of work any longer.

So quit the self hatred dead end job with zero benefits. Move onto this awesome thought promotion at the Love and Acceptance of Self company. The hours are great and the growth potential is limitless.


Brooke G.

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