A Lesson In Trusting Your Intuition - Rainbow Accent Wall Office Refresh

A Lesson In Trusting Your Intuition - Rainbow Accent Wall Office Refresh | Mining For Soul

Say hello to my new rainbow wall 🌈

Rainbow Office Wall | Mining For Soul

I’ve been wanting to have some fun with hand-painted designs on this wall of my office for some years now.

I’m a big fan of Laura Gummeran’s DIY projects over on A Beautiful Mess. She’s created a few different hand-painted wall projects that fueled my inspiration for this project, namely this ombre rainbow wall.

Her designs ended up adding light, unique, and playful elements to her home that I love and want some of in my own life.

The thing though is I’m no fine artist. Ask me to draw a person and I will produce a stick figure for you. 

What I do have going for me however is in my early adulthood I had 3 stints as a house painter as summer jobs and worked 2 different paint counters in the early aughts heyday of faux finishes. 

Remember when those Tuscan inspired sponge-painted kitchens were all the rage?

All that to say I’m quite familiar with painting walls and comfortable cutting in paint (aka, painting window or door trim alongside a wall, keeping clean lines between the paint without use of tape).

So when it came to the design I chose one I often doodle in my marker drawings that I knew I could easily recreate.

For the colors I used the light purple (it’s purple not pink, a highly debated topic whenever I post photos of the color online) and a warm sunshine yellow that’s been patiently waiting for its day to be slapped up on this wall.


Then I took a deep breath, shushed my inner critic, and hoped for the best as I painted on my first arch.


Mid-Painting my Rainbow Wall | Mining For Soul


Most of all I found the courage to just DO THIS already.

To have fun with attempting a new-to-me design element. After all it’s just paint and if it looks like hell all I need to do is repaint the wall right?

It’s funny how worked up my brain can get from worrying about messing up even before I begin. If I let my brain stop me from something as innocent and low risk as one wall in one room in my home then what else is this brain preventing me from doing?

Now you may be reading this and saying to yourself, 

“Oh it’s just a wall. Calm the hell down.” 

True. It is just a wall, but at the same time...

It’s so much more than just a wall.

Most of everything we experience in life is mired in meaning. Especially when we look back with hindsight and perspective on our life.

Sure it may just be for surface level design aesthetics, but the practice of trying out new things and having faith in my vision helps boost my confidence.


It boosts my confidence to give more things my intuition calls me to give a go. Things that carry more weight in my life that can provide even greater results than a mere wall can.

We have to start somewhere and sometimes where we need to start is by giving that one project that’s been rattling around our brains for years a go.


Try it out and if it works, great! If it doesn’t, great! The important thing is you try new things and clear out the ideas that have been taking up so much mental real estate within you.

Painting a simple fun design on one wall turned into a lesson of what can happen when I silenced that inner critic and turned up the volume of my intuition. 

When I look up from typing this post I see this wall and it makes me smile.

It makes me smile because it shows me that I AM the creator of my life and whatever my intuition desires is possible if I just go for it.

We all have a project (or ten) rattling around our brains. No matter how small and insignificant it feels like, know that it carries more weight and significance in what it can do for your confidence and trust in your abilities to create your life how you wish it to be.

So what is it you’ve been meaning to try doing for years, but have been putting off? 

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