A Powerful Choice We All Have

A Powerful Choice We All Have | Mining For Soul

We have a decision to make. One that can hold us back or set us free. What is this decision? It's how we decide to talk to and view ourselves when no one else is around.

We could choose to hate ourselves. We can choose to hate ourselves and judge ourselves on our past and present. Our thoughts can skew negative and bring us down to thinking we might as well give up on achieving our latest goal before we even begin.

Loving ourselves is also a choice. Instead of hate and judgement we can choose love and acceptance. Accepting all of who we are. Now. In this present moment. That person you're displaying outwardly may not be the person you know you are deep down. 

All too often we are groomed by society, by advertising, by people wanting to make a quick buck to believe that we aren't enough. In actuality we are enough right now. The products and services out there are meant to enhance who we already are, not replace us into something we're not.

Take this mantra candle release coming up as an example. Do you really need to buy one in order to move closer to your biggest dream for your life?

No you don't. 

Now let me ask you another question.

Can this candle help you along your self growth path by providing love and support? Yes it can, but the real power to bring your dreams to life comes from within you

Be it...

  • Writing that book.
  • Launching that course.
  • Finding your partner, having children, creating a family.
  • Living where you feel happiest and safe.
  • Earn a living by work that fulfills you.
  • Being surrounded by a network of support and love.

All this is all possible and within your grasp, but you are the key to unlocking this new level in your life. There are many out there who will assist you along your path and hold the space for your adventure along the way, but only you can bring it to reality, no one will hand you your dream fully formed.

And that is why I create products and content around the message of loving yourself and increasing your self worth. To aid and assist as you walk along your life path so you can experience the best life has to offer. 

So you have a choice to make. You can choose to talk down to yourself, not believing you're enough. Or you can decide you are enough as you are to turn your dreams into reality and ignore any thoughts you think differently. 

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