Benefits of Infusing Your Drinking Water With Crystals - High Vibe Your Home Episode 7

Benefits of Infusing Your Drinking Water With Crystals - High Vibe Your Home Episode 7 | Mining For Soul

This week's high vibe home tip is one that I've been experimenting with for the past two months. I've seen a difference in my overall energy from doing it and so I thought I might share it with you in the hopes that it'll resonate with you and inspire you to try it for yourself.

Take a watch for yourself below and please share your thoughts in the comments below after!

References talked about in this episode:

1. Hibiscus Moon, check out her Crystal Academy if you want to learn more about crystals in general.

2. The Lively Show podcast episode with Hibiscus Moon.

I highly recommend giving this episode a listen if you are at all skeptical about whether crystals are more than decorative elements and also to those that believe in the power of crystal healing, but would like to learn some of the science behind it. 

3. Here's a great resource of which crystals should NOT be infused in water.

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I will also say that I didn't even get into the benefits of each crystal I shared with you today or intention setting with your crystal before you use it in your water. There is so much to talk about with crystals so I couldn't pack it into one episode, but I highly suggest doing a bit of research on your own if you are wanting to learn more today. I tend to google "crystal type + properties", so an example would be "rose quartz properties." You can also switch out the word "properties" for "healing, healing benefits, metaphysical properties". 

If you'd like me to cover these or any other aspects of crystals please let me know down below in the comments and I'll be sure to create new posts in the future!

Thanks for watching today!



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