Brooke's #the100dayproject Project Pick

Brooke's #the100dayproject Project Pick | Mining For Soul

I'd heard of this 100 day project for a couple years now. Seeing the hashtag used on IG, but I've yet to actually participate. I like the idea of this challenge, but it also scares me. I've done other daily challenges like 22 days of videos or 40 days of kundalini yoga, but never 100 days in a row. I'm not the best at showing up to anything daily no matter my mood and that's the main reason I'm joining in this year.

In the challenge we can pick whatever action we wish to do daily. Along the way we post to Instagram to share the progression with others.

So what will my project be? I wanted it to be about writing. Writing itself is way too general so I had to narrow down my focus a bit. Write a certain amount or about a certain topic? I thought about types of writing I currently do that relates to Mining for Soul and that I share on Instagram. The types that I enjoy and would like to do more of. 

One way I love to write is by meditating and writing my insights gained afterward (if you want to see these follow Mining for Soul over on Instagram where I mainly post them). Sometimes it's an affirmation that comes through me. Other times I see limiting life patterns of mine clear as day.

And so I decided that for 100 days I will meditate followed by journaling. 


I know how beneficial and powerful the two together can be. Many ego thoughts shattered and insights gained in these meditation sessions. I feel more connected and balanced to my body with a quieter mind. While not every session feels good I do know that the more I do it the deeper healing I have.

I know all these things and yet I've fallen out of the habit of intentionally quieting my mind as a daily practice. I do it here and there with no real consistency.

My criteria is loose by design. I can meditate for any number of minutes I wish (5 minutes min). I can meditate using crystals, listening to binaural beats or soundbaths, repeating a mantra, out in nature, or just a simple cross-leg-hands-open-while-sitting-in-a-silent-room meditation.

My only rules are to meditate, write, and share my day's session on Instagram. For this space I'm thinking I'll do a weekly recap on the blog during the 3-1/2 months this challenge runs for.

My intention with sharing (along with the accountability for me) is to inspire others to hop aboard the daily meditation train and share any helpful inner wisdom that comes through me along this journey.

Are you participating? If so what's your project?

Don't have a clue what I'm talking about with the 100 day challenge? Check out it out here to find out more.

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