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Favorites of the Week | Mining For Soul

It's a cozy Sunday over here in Seattle. It's been snowing for hours (first of the season here!) and like always in snow, I feel like I'm nestled in a snow globe. I thought I'd share some favorite things from my week with you while I take a break from streaming.

Speaking of streaming I've been doing a lot of that this week. Well actually less than normal, but still quite a lot as it's winter and this lady doesn't do the whole snow sports scene so tv is my friend in these dark and cold times. I've gotten myself on a bit of a documentary kick over on Hulu. And no I'm not talking about the Fyre Festival (I did watch them both and was greatly entertained by). 

The new Love, Gilda documentary is FANTASTIC. While I've known of her I didn't really know that much other than she was an original on SNL. The documentary features a lot of her journal entries that documented her rising fame, struggles and all. It was really cool to see old footage of SNL greats and to learn more about this amazing woman. It's heartbreaking to see how troubled and lacking of confidence she had at times. It reminds me that mental struggles are universal for us humans, no matter our lot in life. 

I've increasingly gotten more into space stuff. Like outer space. It always centers me to look at pictures of outer space and realize that we are but a speck in it. Turns out I can't get enough of space docs either. I watched Above and Beyond: NASA's Journey to Tomorrow  and Telescope. The first is all about NASA's history to its future and the second all about the invention of telescopes up to the Hubble and now the new Webb Telescope that may be able to find life on other planets when launched!

I learned so much more than I ever knew about NASA's work. Like they came up with the data for why we had a hole in our Ozone which led to a 93 country agreement to ban the CFCs that caused it. And if they hadn't been monitoring the ozone or found out the cause our Earth may very well have become Venus like where it's so hot that lead can melt on its surface. 

If you read my last post on the winter blues you'll know that January was a not so great feeling month for me. I've climbed up out of that sadness and on Friday decided to start a feel good list. I write down things that make me feel good or events that make me feel good. It's my intention that I can turn back to this list next time I'm feeling blah.

Thanks for reading!

xo Brooke

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