Getting into Alignment, What Does It Even Mean?

Getting into Alignment, What Does It Even Mean? | Mining For Soul

getting into alignment, what does it even mean?

Have you tried to getting into alignment before action (a tactic that's gaining popularity in the law of attraction world) but find it's difficult to do?

Do you find you're doing things that feel good in the moment, but not the things you know will bring you closer towards building your dream life?

Great, you're in the right spot! Let's get to it now shall we?

I was reading over and doing some light edits to my latest post over the weekend, Sunday Writings, The Space Between Choices and Habits, when I had a major revelation about the concept of "getting into alignment". Part of me wanted to redo my article when another part of me thought it'd be better to leave that be and add a fresh piece solely on the topic of alignment. 

In this article (you can read it here) I talked about my experience with resisting doing something that will ultimately help build towards the life I dream of creating for myself. In those moments many time I choose something that will immediately feel better. 

If I waited to feel "aligned" then the timing was almost never right. I often have to effort my way to begin a task, such as writing here for you, and along the way I get into alignment and feel fulfilled where before I started I felt lack and discomfort.

I talked about how effort isn't inherently a bad thing. Sometimes we effort our way to alignment to do the thing that ultimately bring us the most joy.

For me it's pouring my written words into this business to inspire others. It can also be choosing a piece of fruit over that brownie to maintain our clean diet, a workout instead of Netflix for 30 more minutes, putting down your phone while having movie night with your significant other on the couch at the end of the day.

I was equating my discomfort with resistance. With resistance I felt I need to effort in order to choose doing the task that is in my highest good.

The thing is I find my most powerful written work comes in the moments where I don't feel ready. When my emotions are a jumbled mess and I'm feeling all the feels in real time.

Only in this space can I write from a place of resonance for others, by attempting to name and call out these sensations within me. 

Could my alignment look messy and uncomfortable? Could it be that alignment is different for people? Can some people gravitate to it with ease while others require a bit more courage to dive into the magic that waits in this space for us?

What if getting into alignment...

  • takes effort?
  • feels uncomfortable, unknown, a bit scary?
  • is making the same choice over and over again?
  • is done while your house is a mess and there's a pile of laundry waiting for you?

What if it wasn’t all rainbow filled meditation rooms where you rise in peace and serenity to begin the work your soul calls you to create?

What if it was more like plunging into a river’s current where you surrender to the ride you’re about to embark on with a little bit of fear, doubt, and trepidation?

the river of life, aka flow and alignment

Before you feel ready you begin

  • writing that piece that’s been haunting you
  • launch your website
  • take that course that will teach you how to build a business from your creations

You start before you feel ready or aligned, but you know your intentions are good because this is work that keeps on calling your name to create. As you begin working you start feeling that aligned state you’ve been searching for all along.

I like this idea of alignment looking and feeling different to us, perhaps even changing in our own lives depending on the season of our personal growth. With practice I can see how my alignment could get easier to enter where the resistance fades away. Or perhaps there will always be some kind of resistance I must overcome to enter. 

I looked up the definition on this word and here's what I got, 

alignment, the proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts in relation to each other

It doesn't say anything about how this process is supposed to always feel good and easy. Rather it may take a bit of work to get into the right position. This happens when a chiropractor adjusts your back or as your car is lifted up the jack so the tires can be adjusted. There's work involved getting to the aligned state in many different forms.

While it doesn't always take efforted work to get into this state, many times it does.

Just because it's hard doesn't mean it's not worth starting the project that's been calling your name for years.

So long as you know what you're resisting is ultimately what will fuel your spirit and soul then you can't go wrong. It's a fine line of distinction knowing the difference between good and bad resistance. It's something only your soul's voice can help guide your through. 

Let us welcome the entrance of aligned states to be messy and chaotic mixed with a bit of excited apprehension. It doesn't always have to look Instagram influencer worthy.

Maybe it is like this for others or even for you on certain days, but maybe it can also look and feel messy and unexpected. 

Yesterday I chose repeatedly to focus on my work over distractions such as tv. I wrote some, I shared some, I connected some, and now there's this feeling of contentment which comes on when I do the work my soul is calling me to. It feels uncomfortable at the start, but by the end I'm riding high in alignment land because I'm choosing to do work worth doing.

Now I turn this to you.

What does the word alignment mean, and more importantly, feel like to you?

Do you get into alignment with ease naturally or does it take you some uncomfortable adjusting to get into this state?

Or are you just in that state of stuckness unable to begin the work your soul calls you towards?

I'd love to see you share in the comments below!

Thanks for reading today,

xo Brooke

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