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Getting to Know Me Sunday | Mining For Soul

Originally this Getting to Know Me post was meant only for the MFS Instagram until I realized that I was enjoying writing way-too-long-for paragraphs. I figured a more unabridged version could live here with more pics (yes, if you came here from Instagram solely to check out the embarrassing (but funny af) Kermit pic you're in the right place) - Why yes I did just use parentheses within parentheses (how Inceptiony of me). 

I also thought to myself why only share the getting to know me magic over there? I love these posts because I open up to you more and in return I tend to learn a lot about you from the comments with your own sharing and resonating.

Alright let us begin.

1. Homeownership teaches much patience.

self portrait front porch

I'm a homeowner up in Seattle and our front door is in need of a paint job so this pic looked better to me in black and white. And actually our entire house siding and front porch are in bad need of a renovation. My husband and I can't wait until we can take off the horrid vinyl siding (put over cedar at that - why oh why?!) and replace with cedar and get a nice fir door. Probably a good few years away hence the patience part of what you learn owning a lived in home from 1949.

2. My young love of frogs.

proof of my love for Kermit, the Frog

Photo courtesy of my friend Whitney who was our unofficial photographer growing up (and still is). She captured so many great moments of our everyday lives elementary through graduation.

One day in middle school PE class I was doing a basketball drill opposite my bf Jenny when she suddenly burst out laughing dropping the ball. She said I made a face that looked just like Kermit, the frog. I love that memory. It still makes me laugh every time (like right NOW) it pops up. And I still love her.

As you can see from the picture above I loved Kermit plus frogs in general. I remember for one of my birthday parties (I think age 14) all my gifts were frog themed. I even got a frog sounds cd that I did listen too from time to time. I made a wooden frog in Shop class on a band saw and broke the blade 3 times making it. 

3. New crafting hobby and doc watching

Pom Poms happy craft

Last week I wore my Notorious RBG sweatshirt while watching the RBG doc on Hulu while I made pom poms and drank wine.

Firstly. Go watch the doc if you haven't yet. Truly inspirational to learn more about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her work in a time where women had it even worse in the U.S. My world would have been drastically different had RBG not gone down the path she did. Also the parts in the doc where they show RBG her SNL pardoy skits in priceless to watch. 

And lastly, pom poms. Seriously a craft that is meditative in its process that produces an item that can't help but bring a smile to your face. I recently bought a pom pom maker set and am loving my new hobby. I plan on creating a "beaded" pom pom curtain in my office and also a few garlands for my upcoming vending events this fall. So if you love working with yarn and haven't tried them I highly recommend the hobby. Here's the one I purchased (not an affiliate, just a fan).

4. Hello, is there anybody out there?

candlelit thoughts

I'm fairly new with Mining for Soul. The business has been operational for nine months with me owning the domain for almost two years. This business evolved from my first candle business started in winter 2015. So while I feel like I've been at it since 2015 I know I'm still in my first year with MFS. Any fellow entrepreneur knows quite well how silent it can feel putting your work and words out there in the beginning. 

You have to be the excitement for your business and pour that energy into your products, site, social media profiles in order to build up an audience that will in time share their energy with your business baby. At times you feel like you're having conversations with yourself as you build up the audience. It's kinda like playing make believe work when you were little.

Side memory - As a child my friend Mandy and I would take pretend coffee breaks where the coffee was coca cola in mugs and we would "smoke" pens.

Now this creating with a small audience is very normal at this stage. Actually it's pretty welcome so I can learn to refine my products, my voice, my writing without zillions of eyeballs watching. It's just funny how much conversations you actually end up having with yourself in the process.

I love it though overall, this solopreneur journey. I was very much sidled in fear in showing up in my business most the summer and I can now approach it with genuine fun and excitement and enjoy myself more. 

I do also want to take this moment to thank you who comment, like, share, send or buy my affirmation candles. I really appreciate you choosing to bring MFS into your world and allow me to talk less to just myself, ha ha!

Okay that does it for now. I'd love for you to comment below anything that you feel like sharing as a result of reading this today. 

xo Brooke


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