Holiday Sale 2020!

Holiday Sale 2020! | Mining For Soul

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I haven't blogged here since June. Wow. I haven't even tried to sit down and write AT ALL since then. I mean it's been quite.the.year and I found I had to take the summer (then part of fall) off from being on social media or writing here.

I want to share more about why I took time away along with the benefits I discovered as a result, but today is not that day! 

No, today is about the holiday sale that we've got going on to say sayonara to 2020.

So what's going on here you ask? Well it's pretty simple and easy this year.

All candles are 25% off (no code needed) and there is FREE shipping on all U.S. orders until Tuesday, the 1st.

All in stock items ship out within 1 day and take about 1-4 days to arrive to their new homes.

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You can head over to the shop to find your perfect candle for this season of your life.

Candle shop this way!

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