How Bad Do You Want It?

How Bad Do You Want It? | Mining For Soul

“How bad do you want it?”

That’s one of those things people tend to say whenever someone is faced with doing something or accomplishing a goal that is really difficult.

I think in some ways this can be helpful. You might think you want something more than you actually do. What I mean by that is you have a desire but you aren’t quite willing to do what’s needed to make it happen...not yet. It’s kind of like wanting to lose weight but not being quite ready to let go of eating whatever you want whenever you want.

And that’s okay but it’s never really seemed like a helpful way to look at things. It seems to stir up feelings of lack instead of focusing on the goal.


A better way of look at it is this:


What do you want your life to look like?


Now that’s a question I can get behind. When it comes to struggling with feeling good about where your life's at you aren’t really thinking about a life where empowering thoughts run through your head. You're just thinking about not wanting to feel so crappy and that’s not particularly motivating on those days when your inner critic is yelling from the rooftop of your mind... with a megaphone.


What is motivating is thinking about a version of you that feels empowered, confident and bold in all areas of your life, where you're not held back by suffocating self doubt at every decision you make.

What is motivating is being able to shut down that negative critic once it starts up, using that energy you used to spend wallowing for good towards creating your dreams into reality.


I invite you think about this for yourself too. Let’s say you have the ability to turn that megaphone loving critic off in a snap of your finger and replace it with positive affirmations in mere seconds. What does your life look like? What will you do? What changes for you?

I'd love to hear so head to the comments below if you'd like to share your answers!

Thanks for reading today,
xo Brooke

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