How Lighting Candles in the Daytime Can Boost Your Self Worth

How Lighting Candles in the Daytime Can Boost Your Self Worth | Mining For Soul

Lighting a resilient affirmation candle with a green lighter | Mining For Soul

A friend commented on an Instagram story the other day where I was lighting an afternoon affirmation candle. She never thought about lighting her candle in the daytime, but wants to give it a try now.
I replied that morning candles are fun too. And ever since then I've had this "song" in my head that my brain made up.


Candles in the morning, candles in the evening, candles in the afternoooooooooon 🎶

Candles aren't just for nighttime anymore, though if you were to google "if daytime candles are a thing" you'd think otherwise...

I was curious as to the first results and it appears that it's bad etiquette to light a candle before the sun sets.

It's almost up there with showing my lady ankles in public, gasp!

It's pretty ridiculous when you stop to think about the rules we put in place around objects we own isn't it?

We decide there are certain places and times we should indulge in using items that we deem are special occasion only. If it's just us using and experiencing the item then isn't that a waste?

Hell no!

I learned years ago that I should allow myself to indulge more in all that I choose to collect for my home, my body, my wardrobe. This shows me that I feel worthy enough as I am. 

This means getting dolled up if I'm in the mood to shine, but have zero plans to leave the house. Or putting on jewelry that otherwise sits in the dark in my top dresser drawer. Applying that luxurious serum nightly to my face.

It also looks like lighting candles anytime, day or night because I want to add a dash of magical ambience to the moment. To light that candle that you're afraid of "wasting".

Guess what?

Using something, wearing something, applying something is not wasteful if it makes you feel good.

Join me in the magical power of lighting those candles of yours in the daytime | Mining For Soul


When you feel good you are more confident in who you are. You start showing up in your daily life as your true self. Doubt, fear, and comparison thoughts start slipping replaced with knowledge, love, support, and connection.

Objects you bring into your world are more than mere collectibles. Well they are and they aren't...

We tend to give a lot of weight to who we are in reference to what we own as a societal whole.

Instead what if we choose to use what we own to embellish and bring more joy into our day?

Which brings me back to the candles. 

If you're a candle lover, like me, play around with lighting candles to accompany more of your activities within the home, no matter the time of day.

Light that candle at 8 am while drinking a cup of coffee and readying yourself for another day of working from home. 

Light that candle after lunch with a focus to recenter your day, your mind, your intention.

Turn on a fave song and dance dance dance to get energy flowing through your body while the candle flame dances along beside you.

Light it when you take a daytime bath, read a book, or decide to begin that new writing project that scares you a bit. 

Light it when resistance hits, when you feel like nothing is going right in your day, when you're irritable and full of anxiety. Light it in these times and allow your senses to focus only on the flame and the scent wafting about, lessening the focus on what isn't going well in life.

So if you need a boost of self worth, a reminder of how you wish to feel, a cleansing of the air around you, a shaking up your work-from-home routine, or a reset of your day try lighting a candle to show yourself that you're worth using the objects you surround yourself with.

Smiling holding out a lit Enough affirmation candle | Mining For Soul

Now I know there are zillions of candles out there, but if you feel the urge to treat yourself more lavishly on the daily I'm here to help!

You can check out my full line of affirmation candles over in the shop.

These candles feature 5 different empowering affirmations to remind you of how worthy, enough, loved, complete, and resilient you already.

All the candles are made of high-quality natural as possible ingredients that will leave your space and you feeling full of light and possibilities.

Thanks for reading today. 

xx, Brooke

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