How to Increase Positive Energy in Your Home and Why It Matters

How to Increase Positive Energy in Your Home and Why It Matters | Mining For Soul

Last month I was working quietly behind the scenes to create a new video series where I share easy tips to increase positive energy in your home. The series is called High Vibe Your Home and will be running all summer long with new episodes released weekly over on YouTube

I created this series to share the easy subtle shifts I've made in my home life.

Shifts that elevated the energy around me. For when we elevate the energy around us we in turn elevate the energy within us. I know that I'm more prone to be motivated and inspired with less internal resistance when I purposefully make my home more pleasing. 

One Sunday it dawned on me

I realized my hobby of puttering around the home and doing small things (like polishing our kitchen faucet and sink, rearranging bookshelves, or deep cleaning the sofa) could become more than a personal hobby. Maybe this hobby of elevating my home's energy could be shared with more and could be connected to my business' main mission?

I felt like I was floundering in my business' voice

Over the past several months I'd been seeking clarity on how to create the most impactful content that I was also passionate about. While I liked what I was building with the mantra candles (created to help dissolve self doubt and lead to more self confidence and self love) my vision was for more than just a physical product and I felt stuck on creating consistent impactful content limited to the candles. 

Turns out that all along I had created a product for the home that is of a higher vibration. While the mantra candles ARE all about creating more self love they are also about surrounding yourself with items that elevate your energy.

You may have heard the advice around how the top 5 people we surround ourselves with is who we become. Well the same holds true for the objects and the environment we surround ourselves with. 

While we can't always control where we live or the outside surroundings, we can control what we allow into our homes. We can control the level of cleanliness in our homes and the amount of clutter. We can add more of what brings us joy while removing that which drains our energy.

It may not happen all at once.

There may be parts of your home that will take more than a deep clean to feel better being in. My home is a prime example of this, specifically my bedroom. It's an older home that has its fair share of work needing to be done, but I can add in small things here and there to help boost the energy while keeping the flame burning of my ultimate vision of the space I wish to live in. 

You can do this too where you're at today

Which is why I created this new High Vibe Your Home series. To share, inspire, and motivate you to add more high vibe energy into your own home. I do hope you check it out! You can watch the welcome video here and if you'd like to get on the list to receive a weekly email with the latest episode then click here to subscribe today. Subscribers get access to special discounts on products along with freebie guides created to help implement many of the tips in an easy to follow way. 


Brooke G.

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