How to Shake Up Your At Home Quarantine Today - 5 Easy Ways

How to Shake Up Your At Home Quarantine Today - 5 Easy Ways | Mining For Soul

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For those of us privileged enough to be self quarantining at home in relative comfort there will inevitably be days where everything feels BLAH and we feel blah too.

As a modern day hermit over the past two years I've felt these days many a times.

Today was one of THOSE days I picked myself up out from. So I thought I'd share 3 things I did today plus include 2 more that I do at other times. Read if you're needing to shake up YOUR at home quarantine. Your quararoutine if you will...

1. Get dressed.

Yes, get thee dressed and have fun with it! Challenge yourself to wear at least 1 item that you haven't worn in months or even years. One of my favorite ways to dress at home is to see how styling I can get my comfy clothes to be.

Today I'm wearing comfy merlot colored velvet leggings, slippers, a sheer top that I haven't worn in months, bodysuit, and a scarf that might have last been worn summer 2019.

My Wednesday Quarantine OOTD | Mining for Soul

I know that when I get dressed to go out I do so mainly for myself. I feel better when I put thought into what I wear. Since I dress for myself I see the importance to keep it up at home. Not 24/7 if you will, but when I throw on the same pair of sweats and tank top days in a row I always notice that my mood starts declining.

Same goes with makeup if that's your thing. I took a break from caring about makeup and have recently had fun playing with new-to-me products so applying makeup even if I'm alone all day can help me feel more human.

2. Open your windows.


Getting fresh air the easy way with cat | Mining for Soul

Open your windows for fresh air, even if only for 10 minutes and it's cold outside. Indoor air can build up with a bunch of toxins due to all the items we live with and fresh circulation of air is important to clear our homes, ourselves, and the energy around us.

Bonus points if you actually stand by the window or step outside to breathe in fresh air yourself. I have a deck right on the other side of the window I'm looking out of right now and I even have to remind myself to actually use it.

3. Light candles, spritz room spray throughout your home, get your smudge on.

Spritzing room spray around | Mining for Soul

I lit my affirmation candle for the first time in a month and also spritzed room spray about. And no joke, my mood perked up in mere moments once the scents hit my nose.

So light that candle even in the middle of the day when it's light out.

Don't have a candle or spray? Well online shopping is still a thing and the candles I make are currently on sale.

You can check out the sale here

Okay enough of a shameless plug, back to the tips.

3. Throw some music on and play it loud.

Solo dance party | Mining for Soul

I'm so bad with going about my days at home in silence with low energy. I know music always elevates my mood and still I forget about it in the moment too many times to count.

Not today though! I played a random Spotify created playlist for me and have had fun getting up to dance when a fave comes on. Not to mention this is an excellent way to get your steps in if you care about that sort of thing.


4. Clean your home.

I'm not talking about hours of cleaning here, but taking 30 or so minutes to sweep the kitchen and bathroom floors, maybe vacuum that living room rug, take out the trash, do the dishes, and clean the kitchen and bathroom sinks.

The physical activity paired with a cleaner home help move any stagnant energy you feel within. Plus isn't it more enjoyable to live in a clean home rather than a messy one?

Now that I write this I realize I need to clean my home and take my own advice. Will be doing that tomorrow for sure.


5. Take a daytime bubble bath.

The biggest bubble bath

This one is for my fellow bath lovers. If you're not a bath person then this tip probably won't help you out, but when I need to reset my day there is nothing like soaking in a tub of hot water to work out all my emotional knots.

Not to mention, daytime baths feel extravagant and if there is anytime for you to take advantage of afternoon baths, this is the time to do so with zero guilt.

Well that's it! I hope you enjoyed these and found one or two to try out the next time you're residing in blahville. If you try any of these out tag me over on Instagram.

What tricks are up your sleeve for energizing day-to-day life? I'd love to hear what others do. Leave a comment below!

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