How to Stay Inspired While Building Your Business

How to Stay Inspired While Building Your Business | Mining For Soul

how to stay inspired building your business

I’m sure that you are well aware that the path you are on to move through your self doubt to build a rocking business that you love is tough. That’s why you’re here on this blog, am I right?

You want to know exactly how to feel less doubt, let go of your limiting beliefs, and have fun while doing it.

I’m sure you’ve seen the stats but in case you haven’t, here’s the breakdown:

About half of all small businesses fail in the first 5 years.

It’s a scary stat that I’d rather pretend not to know about, but it makes sense. I think the reason most these businesses fail is because in the beginning our audiences are small and we feel we’re talking to ourselves when publishing our content. We get discouraged in ourselves and think maybe we’re not cut out for this kind of work.

I’m sure most of us are familiar with the illustrations of the true path to success, but here it is again because we need to remember that all heart led business owners feel this way.

path to success

Photo sourced from Dr. Liz Carter

Yeah, starting a business is hard and making it a profitable and sustainable one is even harder.

There are going to be times when you just CAN”T deal with the emotional ups and downs of trying to create the vision you have in your head.

You’ll want turn to your phone to check the latest notifications on your last post for a temporary confidence boost. When that boost is gone you’re still online and can’t help, but start comparing yourself to other female entrepreneurs even though you are all about that #communityovercompetion.

You’ll feel overwhelmed with all the work you want to do. It’ll feel like too much and if you can’t get it all done at once you decide you can’t get any of it done. Sitting on the comfy sofa wrapped in a blanket next to napping cats while catching up on the latest season of Grace and Frankie sounds much more appealing than facing your inner doubts.

It’s gonna suck at times so how do you make sure you don’t quit working towards your dream business?


Here are a few ways to stay focused and inspired when the process gets really hard.


Check-in with yourself.

There are endless paths to building your business. It can be easy to get sucked into what others are doing and lose sight of how you wish to build your business. There’s definitely so many methods to building a business that it easily becomes overwhelming on top of all the other projects you’ve come up with on your own.


That’s a lot of noise and why it’s important to have consistent check-ins with your inner self. Turn that brain off, close your eyes, breath deeply, and get in touch with your inner self (your intuition, soul, spirit guides, however you identify) and ask yourself what is the best next step for you to take. You may not hear an answer straight away and that’s okay. Allow your body and mind to simply be and with time the answers will pop up.


Take small actions.

Since we have checked in with ourselves we now know the next action we should take. It may not be THE action to suddenly propel us to “overnight success” (because true overnight success usually is years of unknown hard work), but overtime these small actions will become the foundation of your business. It starts adding up fast just like credit card interest, only we like this kind of interest.


Surround yourself with positive reminders for the bad times.

It’s inevitable that you’ll have a bad day, week, month. These down times usually come on after taking a lot of action and putting yourself out there to grow your business. It sucks, but it happens to even the most seasoned entrepreneurs like Amy Porterfield (check out her podcast for some of the most inspiring biz episodes) and she’s been doing this with great success for over a decade.


Knowing that with all ups there come the downs is VERY helpful in not beating yourself up for feeling bad. When we feel bad about feeling bad we tend to beat ourselves up. Telling ourselves we aren’t good enough, we’re imposters, we suck and don’t have what it takes.


You know I ALSO have your back during this really hard and overwhelming process. My empowering affirmation candles will take you from feeling like a worthless imposter to #businessbossbabe who sticks to her vision of building that successful business full of raving customers. Place a candle near your laptop while you work and allow the words of affirmation to lift you up when self doubt comes creeping in.


Support is also a HUGE contributing factor to being successful at keeping your spirits up while building your business. If you want to stay focused and keep your confidence up while building your dream business check out this FREE 6 Confidence Boosting Affirmations Guide for Creative Businesses


I'd love to hear your biggest takeaway from this post. Please share below in the comments. Also if you know of any friend who would be into this post I'd love if you shared it with them.

Thanks for reading,

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How to stay inspired in business


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