Meet the Newest Affirmation Candle! RESILIENT

Meet the Newest Affirmation Candle! RESILIENT | Mining For Soul
Rosie the Riveter inspired shoot with the latest candle addition | Mining for Soul
I'm excited to introduce the newest addition to the Mining for Soul Affirmation Candle family
Say hello to Resilient!

I am, you are, we are RESILIENT.

Resilient affirmation candles glowing | Mining for Soul
I was inspired to add this to the collection of affirmations because of the time in history we find ourselves actively living. I've been thinking a lot lately about how I choose to show up in the world full of chaos and a literal global pandemic.
While times are tough I also know that the only consistent thing in this world is that everything is impermanent. The law of the impermanence of nature is one that governs every breathing animal, mineral, and vegetable on this planet. When we resist against the inevitability of change, when we choose not to adapt, that is what feeds our discomfort and fears.
I wanted to create a reminder of our human super power of rising above hardships in life. To remember that this is but a blip in time and we will soon be back rearing to show up with renewed vigor to live life.
Fan that flame of faith within yourself and channel your inner strength.
Magic of a candle flicker | Mining for Soul

The Resilient woman knows she'll bounce back, even when times are tough.

She is strong. She is capable. She is a firecracker when it is called for. She has weathered stormy days before and she will do the same again.

The Resilient affirmation candle is available in 2 containers with 3 scent options. 

We have the 8oz amber glass with white metal lid option at $28. This candle makes for a great travel candle (when we can do that again!) and warms up any room with the rich amber glow that is accentuated by the flicker of the candle flame. Average rated life of 50+ hours.

You can shop the amber glass resilient collection here.

Then we have the OG white glass with wood lid in 10 ounces at $40. This candle will keep on going with its long 80+ average life span. Housed in sleek white that complements most any interiors with its minimal look and feel.

You can shop the white glass Resilient affirmation candle collection here.

Like with all the candles made here at Mining for Soul all ingredients are non-toxic and as sustainable as possible. All candles are made from coconut-soy wax, 100% essential oils, lead & zinc free wicks, with strewn flower petals across the top that float gently in the wax as it melts.


20% of all sales from the Resilient collection will be donated to the New Beginnings non-profit in Seattle, WA to help support survivors of domestic violence. With the call to stay home and shelter-in-place it bears reminding that not all homes are safe for people to quarantine within. 

May more abused women and families find the support and resources to leave their toxic environment for good. To find their resiliency and take back their power to control their lives.


Have a friend in need of a pick-me-up?

These also make excellent gifts that can ship anywhere you need! You can add a note at checkout with any message you'd like to send along with the candle.

xo, Brooke

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