How We Can Feel Better More Regularly

How We Can Feel Better More Regularly | Mining For Soul

I like to write and many times what I write are about ideas or concepts that come to me and are more raw and in the process of unfolding. I would write them thinking I couldn't share until polished into a shiny complete blog post. That part never felt right to me and so I let these concepts sit only with myself.

My mind thinks back to Jess Lively who often tells us on her podcast that what she is sharing with us is written in pencil. Which means that it's not set in stone and may change down the road. Like her I wish to produce work now for others and not feel that I need to nail down my thoughts into final concrete form.

If I have learned anything in my 37 years it's that what I believe evolves over time as I experience more in life. So why should I pretend that whatever I share is going to always be so? If it helps in the moment for me and perhaps even for you then that is enough. May these writings be mere stepping stones that pave a way to a better feeling life for us all. 

And now to that I've gotten that disclaimer out of the way onto today's post!

We only feel in the now.

I have had this come to me many times before and I'm sure that I'm not the only one who has had it. That's the beautiful thing about when our inner wisdom speaks to us because it's more universal truths that deep down we all hear at times. 

Today though I heard this speak to me after I read a bit from The Power of Now and decided to take a break. I sat there in my papasan chair sipping my coffee and simply focusing on the present moment. Which looks like me staring at my office walls zoned out. I did this for about 5 minutes until I felt the urge to head over to my laptop to write this post. 

I used to do this quite often in my childhood. Sit still and simply be present in the moment. No thoughts in my head and ones that did appear they would fade just as quickly. I remember whenever it was super hot in my southern California youth I would lay outdoors in the shade and be still. Or I would lie in bed upon waking and enjoy just being there doing nothing really. 

Somewhere along the way I guess I started seeing my doing nothing in these times as empty and useless. It’s sad because I believe many people in western society feel the same about sitting and simply being. Doing is better than not doing. This is what we are told again and again. If I did sit like this then it was better to be done in meditation practice, but it had to be in an activity to be useful. Seems pretty silly as I type that out, but it's what my ego mind had me believing.

I’m grateful to be in a place in my life where I have pretty much absolute freedom to shape my days. I have very little places to be at exact times. I create my own work, projects, and timelines. I’m spending the most time ever in my life by myself and loving it. However with this endless time and space I feel most everyday in my life I’ve been freaked out by it. Trying to figure out how to fill my day so I don’t go to sleep at night feeling like I wasted it and worried that I will waste my tomorrow.

Instead of worrying about wasting this period in my life I want to start enjoying it.

The only way for me to look back at this time in happiness is if my now is filled with happiness. We only feel in the present moment. If we feel anything about the past or future that is still our present self that is feeling about what occurred or what is to occur. So if we start feeling better in our present wouldn’t that over time make our past feel better to us too? If we feel better about whatever our future will bring then wouldn’t that over time make our present moment feel better as the future slowly becomes our present?

How do we become okay with feeling better now?

For me I can have anxiety, overwhelm, doubt, fear coursing through me on any given day. Those can be tough emotions to overcome. Not easy to just turn the switch off, but what if we could start to dilute those emotions minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day until we have the ability to work through them almost instantaneously?

Now I’m only just a beginner in this method of facing my emotions in the moment and learning to observe them. I used to ignore and push them away from me and the fear and pain of being face to face with my inner demons can be a lot in the moment. I’m no expert and my emotions get the best of me still, but I’m slowly relearning how to observe instead of react. In the little bursts that I do remember to face my emotions and sit with them in non judgement I find it helpful. Extremely helpful in lessening their impact on me.

Take cleaning as an analogy.

There’s a smudge on the wall. You walk by it and observe it daily, but push it aside as something to deal with later. Then one day you decide to clean it away. By concentrating on that mark and using tools that will clean it away you can remove the mark and it’s like it was never there to begin with.

We can do the exact same thing with our stored emotions.

Only instead of a magic eraser or cleaning spray and rag we use focus, breath work, and observation to work through the issue until it begins fading away. We can simply let go of the mind in a moment to breath and focus our senses around us in the present moment, in our now.

Perhaps we can only manage a 30 seconds of this right now, but as Eckhart Tolle says, living in the Now is lifetime work to achieve. It can be a struggle to start trying, but with practice we will all get better about learning to feel better in the present moment and releasing our non serving emotions. For me I can say that focusing only on what is in front of me has helped. It helped me today in that I let my mind empty, let my inner wisdom speak and as a result felt motivation to pen this piece and share with you today without fear or expectations of how it'll be received.

Thanks for reading this today. I'd love to hear if any of what I said resonates with you down in the comment section.

xo Brooke

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