My Four Favorite Mindfulness Apps

My Four Favorite Mindfulness Apps | Mining For Soul

 4 fave mindfulness apps

It can be easy to let our phones take over in our everyday life. Any app that allows me to center myself and instill healthy habits (and lessen the mind numbing scrolling hole I can lose myself in) is a good thing for me. I thought I'd share my four favorite mindfulness apps I use again and again with my iPhone. 


One of my newest faves is Beatfulness, a binaural beats and meditation app. I've started diving into the world of brain waves and have been experimenting with getting myself into specific brain waves to help me relax, retain new information, go to sleep, and also help enable lucid dreaming.

This app lets you explore many different binaural beats (the music that allows our brain waves to shift) and has helpful categories like deep sleep, focus and creativity, higher self and much more. You can listen to the while meditating or you can listen to some while reading, working, cooking or as a bedtime sleep aid.

Bonus points is that it downloads into the ios health data to log your mindfulness activity. I've only been using it for a couple of weeks, but I love it so much I opted out of the free 7 day trial to purchase their lifetime membership ($9.99 is all it cost at the writing of this article). 

Overall very easy to navigate and use, pleasing design, and soothing beats.

Insight Timer

This free meditation app is perfect for any level meditator you are. I started using it while doing a specific kundalini meditation that required multiple timed sections. You can set any number of timers for a session that have soothing alarm sounds such as wood block or singing bowls. Much more soothing sounds than on our phone's alarm function right? You can easily save timers to use in the future as well for any of your self guided sessions.

In addition to the timer feature you can explore thousands of guided or musical meditations to use (the Tibetan singing bowl ones are my very favorite). There's an analytics feature that will keep track of your daily, monthly, yearly meditations.

My Moon Phase

Another free app here that allows you to keep track of the moon cycles. I include this under mindfulness as I tend to use this one to keep track of the new and full moons so I can do my moon rituals for each. This app also tracks sunrise and sunset times.


This free app allows you to send custom messages to your future self. You can set the messages as a one time or on repeat to go off daily, hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly. I love to use this one to create uplifting messages that will boost my mood throughout the day.

Well that's a wrap on my current fave mindfulness apps! If you have any that have been helpful in keeping you centered and mindful of where you want to head in life I'd love for you to share them in the comments below.

xo, Brooke

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