My Favorite Podcasts of 2018

My Favorite Podcasts of 2018 | Mining For Soul

I had fun rounding up my favorite mindfulness apps the other week (check this link if interested in reading those) so I thought I'd round up a list of my tried and true podcasts that I eagerly await to download and listen to each week. Some are purely entertainment and others ones that I listen to so I can improve some aspect of my life.

I decided to divide these into sections with Self Improvement / Mindset, Business, and then Entertainment to keep this post somewhat organized. Read through them all or feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

Favorite Podcasts of 2018

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First we're going to start with my fave self improvement / mindset podcasts.

The Lively Show

Season 5 has just begun of The Lively Show, with Jess Lively and I've been listening to it religiously since season 3. Each season is a bit different and if you're interested in starting it up but not sure where to begin this is a very good episode to start with.

This podcast is one about mindset, abundance, living in flow and in alignment, and learning how to communicate with the one voice that can answer all our questions and fears, our intuitions. I often find a lot of alignment in each episode and many times Jess comes out with an episode on a topic I've just been mulling over myself. I tend to leave each episode buzzing with joyful energy. 

The latest season is turning out to be right up my alley in interests as it talks about going beyond the mind in living our lives in the best feeling way we can. This is a subject that I've been drawn towards the past few months as I've been working on attracting the life I wish to live. The issue I find I have with law of attraction is all the mental energy it takes for me to think in a different way. It can feel very draining to combat all the resistance that comes up when we attempt to think more positively.

If you've felt similar resistance in your own self development path then you really might like the latest season. The episode on Spiral Dynamics is particularly enlightening. 

The Life Coach School

The Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo is a great one for no bs, no fluff real talk about how our emotions get the better of us and how we can work on managing them to lead a healthy and happy life. It's a workout for our minds. What I love most about this podcast is Brooke's approach to mental health. She relays information in a very simple and concise manner that hits home. And she's not afraid to convey her ideas even if they seem far out there for some.

The Third Wave

This is a newer podcast for me and on a slightly more alt wavelength than most. The Third Wave podcast is about psychedelics and how they are used in fringe and mainstream societies today. I got into this podcast while researching microdosing LSD to aid in lessening my anxiety and depression (a topic of another day...) and this podcast is full of interesting interviews about how psychedelics can be useful in today's society. 

If you're experienced with psychedelics or have never touched the drugs this podcast can be informative for each and help open up perspectives in how these drugs can benefit our society today. 

Now onto the business podcast section of this article.

I can easily resist pressing play on the following podcasts, but when I do finally listen I always come away feeling freshly inspired and full of passion to put more of myself into my business. 

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Amy is all about digital marketing, list building and course creation. All of her episodes are extremely detailed in a non overwhelming way. She often has guests come on to teach on topics if they aren't in her wheelhouse (like that beast Facebook ads). And in the past year Amy's also created more personal episodes to show the non shiny side of entrepreneurship which I very much welcome hearing about as I'm in the beginning early years of my business. 

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is the host of this podcast that is about all things, you guessed it, passive income related. 10 years ago he was laid off from an architecture firm and kinda fell into the passive income business as a result. What's great about this podcast is Pat is heartfelt and committed to helping others create a more balanced life (whatever that means for the individual). He has interesting guests on most of the time. Even if I think an episode won't relate to me I always come away with at least one insight or helpful tip to try and implement in my business. 

Now let's talk entertaining podcasts.

Since we've gotten the more serious side out of the way let's focus on pure entertainment as we've all got to laugh too (especially in this current world). 

My Favorite Murder

Murder for entertainment you may be asking if you don't happen to be one of the millions of murderinos in the world. Yes, murder. While the subject matter is nothing to laugh about Georgia and Karen, the hosts of this podcast, bring a light humor to the table while regaling us with tales of true crime. My favorite part of the podcast is the opener when they talk about random stuff in their day. 

Other things to love about this podcast is that they are very open about mental health, anxiety, alcoholism to name a few things. Basically they are humans that are truthful about all their struggles while showing appreciation for the fact that they started a random true crime podcast that has become wildly successful.

Off the Vine and Grape Therapy

Any of you Bachelor Nation fans out there will surely recognize Kaitlyn Bristowe's name from Chris Soules season of the Bachelor and then her season as Bachelorette. I've been a fan of hers since Bachelorette as she seemed very relatable and real to me. She now has a podcast where she drinks wine and chats with various guests and most episodes make me laugh along with them.

You also get a glimpse into the realness that is being thrown into the spotlight and trying to deal in a new world where most people have an opinion (good and bad, very bad sometimes) and they aren't shy about sharing it. Talk about social media and mental health, learning to love yourself, and laughing at yourself come into play most episodes. 

And with that I'm done with my recap of fave podcasts of 2018. There are many more I listen to occasionally that I just didn't have the time to cover here without creating a novel of a post. 

I'd love to hear if any of these are on your rotation or hear about your fave ones in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

xo Brooke

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