One Tweak to Help You Gain More Self Confidence

One Tweak to Help You Gain More Self Confidence | Mining For Soul

Today I wanted to connect with you about one small way we can help curb self-judgment and increase our self confidence. 

I think most of us know it could do us good to think more positive thoughts. We shouldn't talk to ourselves in a negative tone because we'd never talk to a loved one how we talk to ourselves.

We would never do that, right? While how we speak to ourselves is important, I also want to bring some light to the more subtle ways we may judge ourselves. This is one way that I have judged myself in the past and it was so ingrained in me that I didn't even notice my judgement for a long time.

And so this one small tweak is one that I actually got from one of my journals as I was thumbing through looking it. What I wrote to myself is one of the small ways to begin accepting more of yourself.

Don't judge your handwriting.

Journal, and just let it flow, even if you can barely read it. Don't stop writing, and just let it flow. My handwriting, I go back, and here's an example of a page that inspired this post.

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