Setting an Intentional Year Ahead

Setting an Intentional Year Ahead | Mining For Soul

I had a realization this morning. New Years Day is my favorite holiday! I've really started to pull away from holiday celebration in general. It seems that most holidays hold a TON of expectations to really live it up in a grand way. While I've had some great holidays in my lifetime there were also many where I felt less than and started to equate it to my own self worth.

You know the drill, you hop on social media and see so many other people living it up in a grander way than you. Then starts the inner judgement cycle where that negative inner voice reigns supreme.

New Years Day isn't like that. Sure New Years Eve has its fair share of unnecessary expectations, but New Years Eve isn't the actual holiday.

In my former party life I would spend this day hungover watching mindless tv all day. On Jan 1st 2015, I experienced a really bad feeling New Years day. I had let alcohol get the better of my reasoning and gotten myself into a not ideal situation. NOT a fun way to start the new year off while everyone else gushes about the fresh new year of possibility.

However that event was the catalyst to be seeing how unacceptable, to me, my life had become. It was the start of my self improvement journey and now my life is way more full and healthy. That old Brooke truly feels like a former life to me now. 

This is the third year in a row where I laid low on NYE. I stayed in and barely up past midnight. I wanted to wake up feeling good and remain that way all day. I've been slowly adding in new traditions for myself and it was this morning that I realized this holiday is one for me. I use it as my self reflection day and I do my best to emulate an ideal day in my life that will set the tone for my year to come.

It feels so freeing to have the space to reflect, do my energy work, release old stories, and allow myself to dream of my year ahead and make aligned goals out of them. My theme for 2018 is Spacious Growth.

What does this exactly mean? Well to me this means I'm allowed to grow Mining For Soul my way, without stress and overwhelm. I allow blank empty space into my days so I have space to create. And space to focus and do the work. Because the only way I will grow is if I do the actual behind the scenes work to bring all my ideas to life. 

I wanted to share with you 3 Simple New Year Rituals I take part in to help anchor in and align to my year ahead. The good news is this is work you can do at home at your own pace so close that door, tell everyone who might need you that you're taking some alone time, and get in touch with how you wish this next year to go for you.

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