Shop Small and Thoughtful This Holiday Season

Shop Small and Thoughtful This Holiday Season | Mining For Soul

Let me introduce you to the biggest sale for affirmation candles of the year! As a small business owner I find that participating in the Black Friday / Cyber Monday realm is great to give YOU more options to shop small with your dollars.

By shopping small with me you help support this little dream of mine to create a space where we listen to what our souls want out of our life. A space where we learn to forgive and love ourselves completely (perceived faults included).

I created the affirmation candle line from my need to be surrounded by positive affirmations as I was working on my own mindset. I wanted to feel more abundant in all my thoughts, to release my limiting habits that tend to hold me back from my deepest aspirations in life.

I had been making candles for a few years at that point and felt like my life was separated into two halves. My human side and my soul side. I wanted to find a way to piece the two together so I could learn to be completely myself in all that I do.

With the launch of the affirmation candle line I was able to marry these two parts together and feel like I'm doing something bigger than just making a candle that smells and looks good.

These candles are more than that. They're an experience in that they encourage you to take a little quiet time to be with yourself. To open up and listen to that voice inside that whispers to you throughout your life.

You know the voice right? The one that says there's more in life for you to experience if only you take that leap of faith to give it a try. Be it a new career, relationship, hobby, move, travel, etc.

Now until Monday (at 10 PM) all candles are up to 45% off

The more you buy, the deeper the discount (to encourage you to keep one for yourself as you shop for others in your life).

All small trio candle sets are $30.00 (regular price $45.00)!

Trio Candle Sets

All large candles are 15% - 45% off!


Did I mention that there's FREE SHIPPING as well (U.S. orders only)?

So if you've wanted to give thoughtful gifts from small shops you've come to the right place!

Head to sale shop now.

Sale ends Monday, the 2nd at 10PM (PST). 

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