Staying Silent is No Longer an Option

Staying Silent is No Longer an Option | Mining For Soul

As a white American lady I don’t know what the fuck to say right now, but I feel I must say something because saying nothing is me escaping into my white privilege.

Staying silent is no longer an option | Mining For Soul

My personal feelings DO NOT MATTER when it comes to racism. They simply don’t and only serve to take attention away from the issue.

It’s about the millions of BIPOC women, men, and children on the receiving end of fear, murder, social and criminal injustice for centuries.

It is not history. It’s living and breathing and it can no longer be ignored.

So while I don’t know what the fuck to say right now I know that this is better than silence.

Starting today my intention is to:

  • learn more about racism and allyship
  • discover more diverse artisans + creators + small businesses on this platform to follow + support
  • figure out how I can best contribute my support and voice on an ongoing basis.

Racism happens daily. This means education, for privileged white people like me, must also occur daily along with contributing our voices to being part of the process of healing.

Black lives matter. Period.

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