Sunday Writings, The Space Between Choices and Habits

Sunday Writings, The Space Between Choices and Habits | Mining For Soul

Our days are filled with choices. Many times we may not see them for what they are, but if we take a pause we can see them for what they represent.

I find myself in the middle of my life’s choices. I’m in this place where I’ve given up some comfort driven habits (booze, junk food, and coffee) and have room to fill with long-term fulfilling habits (writing, exercise, meditation). It’s like a space between moments that I let pass by me undetected, until now. The space between moments that can easily be missed if we don’t look closely.

In this space I see my comfort habits for what they are. How they act as an e-brake on my dreams.

Keeping me distracted from more fulfilling habits and the focus that comes with them. It comes up when I get an urge to write, like right now. I want to sit down and write the words that channel through me and yet, at the same time, I wish to take a nap. Or watch one hour of tv that inevitably turns into 3 hours of tv.

I often choose comfort and immediate gratification over the more fulfilling choices without really thinking about the impact my decision has in the moment.

When I get the urge to write and pour more of my words into my business I feel a tug towards doing the opposite. Maybe take a nap, bath, or watch tv instead. I feel this energy emanate from my core and there’s a gravity like sense that is pulling my focus to a lower feeling place within me.

I used to stop here and make a decision that felt easier in the moment, but now… now I see my choices clearly laid out before me.

With one route I’ll be edging ever closer to my life’s dreams and goals. This path is long and windy, but always faces forward pushing out into new directions.

The other path leads me in a more circular direction, like that of the hamster wheel, where I inevitably come back to a familiar place. I may experience a bit of new and the delightful, but with a whole lot of familiar. After awhile the circle starts feeling draining, constricted, lifeless.

The decision to move through this low gravity-loving energy and choose the action that feels unfamiliar can be hard. It’s hard in the sense that it takes more effort in the beginning to choose the one that leads you to the life of your dreams.

We won’t get there fast via our hamster wheels. Running through our day without understanding the larger picture our daily choices create is how we stay spinning on the wheel. The way to get off is to step back and listen to our emotions and intuition. Feel into the moment and listen within for which path this next decision will lead you.

For awhile I shied away from writing. I felt this strange resistant sensation within whenever I had the urge to write. In the law of attraction world there is so much talk about getting into alignment and having things feel easy. Don’t effort when you can help it. Sounds great and I really wanted to believe it, but we can't expect that life will always be filled with alignment and ease. Otherwise what would we have to triumph over?

I wanted to feel more aligned in order to write. Like my best work could only be done trough this state. To me alignment means feeling good with zero negative energy and so I assumed the feeling of discomfort I felt within meant something was off and I should try again when I felt more aligned. It was easier to stay spinning on my little comfort hamster wheel than forge a new unknown (feeling of discomfort) path.

And so I waited until things were aligned, but as I waited all the writing ideas piled up inside. This is when overwhelm sets in. There’s too much on the list to create and what’s the point of starting if I’ll never get them all done? What to start on first? Not to mention feeling discouraged that I’m not taking action more often towards building the business of my dreams.

Only now I’ve been able to see that effort itself is not always a bad thing and flow can often feel scary at the start. Some truly great things in life take effort and with time and practice this effort will fall away and there will be an ease in its place. Many positive life changing habits require focus and effort at the start. If they didn’t then we wouldn’t even be here talking about habits since we’d excel at them.

We can effort for good when our intentions are pure and aligned.

We still feel that effort and the difficulty in choosing a new direction, but we know the why behind our decision is one that aligns with where we want to go in our lifetime.

For some people (me) even the act of getting into alignment can be fraught with effort. It is with me. I know if I tap, write out my goals, visualize, and meditate that my energy will lighten and I’ll be clear on my future. These are powerful tools because we have this clarity and renewed focus to take aligned action to our dreams.

The thing is this energy work can feel effortful at the start until we pick up momentum. Again, why do I choose to feel this effort that is mindset work?

Because I know from personal experience and shared stories that being in alignment to your future’s vision is an incredible magnet and can take you further than you could dream possible with more ease.

I’m here to say that this place, this space in between it all is okay to feel.

It’s okay to surrender to picking the hamster wheel path. It’s okay to feel discomfort toward the path leading to your future self. It’s okay make great choices all week and then have an off day where you return to a more vegetative comfort state.

This work accumulates over time and there is no real rush, only our perceived rush to reach a better feeling version of ourselves today.

Let us take pause and consider the direction our choices will lead us and only then make our informed decision. Let us acknowledge our fear and discomfort of the unknown and choose it willingly when we know it will take us down the path towards our future.

Choose these actions first when you feel brave, seeking the comfort as a sweet little reward. With time the new habits will take hold, will feel better as they become our new familiar, and we'll have work and results to show for our action (like this blog post) and we won't need the comfort ones to soothe us so much.

Thanks for reading today,

xo Brooke

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