Read on for the argument of indulging more on a day to day basis with the items you choose to surround yourself with. Wear more of your outfits, put on more of your fun makeup, light more of your candles. When you choose to use more of the objects you bring into your life on a daily basis the more you show yourself just how worthy you are to take up space in this lifetime.
I love the excuse to go explore the outdoors AND get some new product shots of the goods. I mean, there are only so many places in my home that I can pose the candles without it getting old. Anyway I found myself at my old neighborhood beach...
One has a lot of time to ponder while scooting back and forth on a rowing machine for 35 minutes. It’s best to let the mind wander in these moments in a sort of meditation. During my affirmation pep talk I let myself sink into how these words felt to me.