The Benefit of Practicing Self Love When You Feel Good

The Benefit of Practicing Self Love When You Feel Good | Mining For Soul

We practice self love on the goods days so we can integrate this loving energy to ourselves on our bad days. 

Last month I caught my brain berating me for basically being myself. I felt I was being awkward in an interaction and as I was in the bathroom I found myself saying really negative thoughts about myself. About 10 seconds after I started in on the negative self talk these words popped into my head, ⁣

This is when I need to love myself the most.

It was immediately comforting to hear and I did see the truth in them. In the moments where I hate on myself I need to be the most loving to myself. ⁣

It’s easy to practice self love when you’re feeling your best. It prepares you for the times you fall down the negative rabbit hole.⁣

You are allowed to love yourself when you feel unlovable.

It is the best time to love yourself. The most important time to love on yourself in fact.

It's easy to shower yourself with love and acceptance when in a state of feeling good. When life is working out just how we want it to why bother saying what you already know and feel? You know you're enough, worthy, and loved right? 

You do this in the best of times because it sets you up to do the same when you're feeling down on your luck. For those days when everything seems to go wrong, feel off, or when you think you're the worst human alive (trust me you aren't!).

When you get in this state where you doubt your abilities and think you're worthless this is when you must love on yourself the most. You must sit with all your thoughts, emotions, and shadows while embracing them with love and acceptance in that moment. With a sense that it's alright to feel how you feel right now without shame or guilt.

So the next time you feel down on yourself for being human remember to pause and love on yourself extra hard.⁣

See those mean thoughts for what they are and allow yourself to feel love and acceptance of yourself in this exact moment.

As we do this those bad thoughts tend to disintegrate leading us to feeling much better sooner. You also learn that you hold the power to cheering yourself up. You don't need to rely on food, booze, drugs, attention, shopping, another human to feel better about yourself. You feel better about yourself when you begin to treat yourself like the worthy loving human that you are. You can tap into this love 24/7 because it lives inside of you always.

Are you feeling a bit unsure of how to get started with being more loving and compassionate in your darker times? This is exactly why I created the affirmation candles in 3 loving mantras to help you remember who you really are inside. These candles will remind you of your potential to create the life you dream of living. All candles come with a guidebook on working with affirmations to feel happier about your life how it is today.

If you're ready to surround yourself and your home with high vibe decor to remind you of your inherent worth you can check them out in the shop today.

Thanks for reading,

xo Brooke

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