The Only Moment that Counts

The Only Moment that Counts | Mining For Soul

The moment that counts is this one right now. 

You know those days where you feel a thickness of resistance to doing anything productive? My strongest resistance filled days typically follow right after a period of breakthroughs where I made plans and took action steps towards realizing some life dreams. I go from clarity and bubbling good vibes to a day filled with snacking, baths, naps, tv time and a leave me the hell alone vibe. 

Thoughts of overwhelm, failure, past stories can often try and hold me back and I bet you too have fallen prey to the negative inner dialogue. Where you end up holding yourself back playing it safe and comfortable, convinced you are a bad person who doesn't deserve to live the best life you daydream about. Your heart starts beating a bit faster, your breath becoming shorter and rapid and all you want to do is grab that coconut ice cream out of your freezer and binge watch 6 hours of Parks and Rec on Netflix.

One of the worst parts is knowing that playing into the pity party for one is not going to help you grow and become the best you. Yet having the knowledge that you aren't helping matters by wallowing is annoying as hell since you'd rather play dumb in the moment and convince yourself that you are totally cool with keeping your life exactly how it is forever more. I can be content right? Not trying is so much easier than deliberately shifting my life so why not take the easy way?

To quote my husband using his favorite word ever


It is here in this moment, this moment when you feel crushed with self doubt that you must remember you are okay. You are safe. That mind of yours is only trying to protect you from perceived danger of the unknown. It's our cavemen wiring that worked well for centuries, but has no real place in this modern day.

Our minds don't handle the unknown well and so of course making actionable steps to creating a better future is going to trigger those sabotaging thoughts. It doesn't mean your idea is a bad one. Actually according to Steven Pressfield in his book, The War of Art, the more you are plagued by resistance chances are the better your idea is. 

So next time you find yourself in over your head I want you to take a deep breath, in and out.

And another.

Okay, one more time.




 Now repeat after me:

 the only moment that matters is this one right now. 

Let those words wash through your body and really sink into every cell of your being. Let all future fears flutter away and allow yourself to simply be. Here. Right now.

Sit with your thoughts and emotions. Bring them to the light and allow them to work their way out of your body.

Feel calmer? More at peace now? Good. Now go and take one simple action that will get you one step closer to your dreams becoming reality. Because...

This is the moment that counts. This one.

Right now.

xo, Brooke G.

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