How To Transform Your Frustration into Alignment

How To Transform Your Frustration into Alignment | Mining For Soul

Today I had an experience feeling frustrated and slightly overwhelmed. These two emotions are common for me to experience and that's not why I'm writing about them here. I wanted to share how I transformed my frustration into a good feeling aligned state. Now that is new for me to actually do, hence this post!

You see, when I find myself in misalignment I often can't control the toddler in my head (ego mind) from running the show even though I know getting frustrated only makes me more frustrated. Sound familiar?

I'm over 3/4 of the way through the book, The Untethered Soul, by Michael Singer. In this book he talks about allowing ourselves to feel all the feels, even - nay - especially the bad ones. If we feel them we can release them. Otherwise we bury them down within ourselves and all the unprocessed emotions and thoughts turn us into emotional hoarders.

Yes we are emotional hoarders who keep stacking up wrongs, failures, hurts, disappointments and on and on within us.

No wonder this world is so messed up.

Because we're messed up inside. All of us at one time or another can cop to this right? 

The ego mind can grab ahold of us all. Some have learned to train it. Others have no clue that they have the power over ego mind and that they have control over their thoughts. Then there are countless others somewhere between those two spectrums.

I'm one of those countless others. I've been studying ego for almost 4 years now in an attempt for it to lessen its grip on my day to day life, but when I'm faced with a test all that info vanishes in an instant. Not today though!

Without getting into all the minute details (because you have better things to do than read about printing and die cut machine learning woes right?) I'll explain how I was able to stop ego in its tracks and point into a better feeling aligning direction that led to me getting the work I wanted to done. 

While attempting to troubleshoot an issue, that was between me and new labels for the affirmation candle line coming up with nothing after 20 minutes with my temper rising I realized I could just stop and step away for a bit.. I have the luxury of working for myself from home so I decided to take a break from work to step away and do things that felt aligning to me in the moment. This in itself was a win because just two weeks ago I would have opted to escape to the tv when feeling this way, but not today!

And what were these aligning activites you wonder? Well I put on my aligning Spotify playlist, took a hit of indica cannabis (side cheer for living in a non prohibition state!), then I hit the shower to reset. While shampooing my hair I focused on deep breathing to release this old energy and stories I have around from being a "failure". Post shower I decided to get dressed like I would if I was at my old office job. Put makeup on and blowdried my hair.

Side note, when I worked in an office I always had a more productive day when I made an effort to look good. Sure I take advantage of my work-from-home-life, often slubbing it sans makeup and a hairbrush while feeling awesomely cozy, but I don't want that to be my everyday norm. I've got to mix it up even if it's just me and the cats.

Slubbing it one weekday morning with super snuggler Pouncer the cat.

So here I was feeling put together inside and out and ready to face my work struggle from a happier place this time. Instead of trying to force a specific task to occur that wasn't happening I altered my course slightly. And voila! In less than 10 minutes from when I resumed work my issue was solved and I had my prototype new candle labels printed and cut out.

And this is my tale from learning how to overcome an ego tantrum waiting to happen and get to a better feeling place in less than 30 minutes. It felt really good to take the risk in trying this out and seeing it pay off. I hope that the next time I have an ego mind tantrum ready to go that my inner being will be there to remind me to step away and do what feels good to me in the moment.

I hope you enjoyed reading this today and that it helps you in your own life should you resonate with it.

xo Brooke

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