Why Instant Gratification is a Life Sucker

Why Instant Gratification is a Life Sucker | Mining For Soul

why instant gratification is a life sucker

Yeah I said it. Instant gratification is a life sucker and can drain us of our life's dreams, ambitions, and goals. Read on to see if you agree with my opinion.

Now is the best time to for us to work on digging into who we are and what we want out of our short time on this earth. In a galaxy that is approximately 14 billion years old, our life is a mere blip.  

I can’t say for sure that it's the best time for you to get out from any self doubt that may be holding you back, but putting things off that you are excited to experience or create due to self doubt has unintended consequences.

Choosing things that provide instant gratification over and over only end with long-term unfulfilled life dreams.


I should know, I've been a master at instant gratification most my adult life and it led to periods of deep depression and toxic habits along the way.

When we don't do the things that:

  • we really want to do
  • feel scary and a bit out of our reach
  • make us grow into even better versions of ourselves

We start losing faith that we ever can complete these goals of ours. We feel helpless and our confidence in begins fading away.

We busy ourselves with activities that give us instant gratification. Activities like seeing how more likes we got on that last IG post or grabbing a handful of gummy bears and mindlessly cramming that sugar into our mouths. Taking yet another bubble bath in a week where we've already taken 3. Telling Netflix "yes we'd like to continue" binging our latest show obsession.

The thing is this quick dopamine hit fades and we are left feeling the same, albeit a bit worse than we had before. We feel disappointed that we didn't keep going when things got a bit uncomfortable. We start to doubt our abilities to live a life that brings us true unconditional happiness.

So what will bring us unconditional happiness?


What will make us truly happy is by doing work that fulfills us and gets us closer to that dream we have for our lives.

It's facing our inner critic whenever it pops up and choosing to continue doing this work regardless of what this negative voice tries to tell us.

By looking our fear in the eyes and choosing to tell ourselves a different story we become that person we always knew was inside us.


We start believing in our abilities a little bit more and over time the uncomfortable feeling from trying something new begins to feel more familiar and easy along the way.  

It's up to each of us to create the life we always envisioned for ourselves. Sure we can hustle and fake it till we make it, but true sustainable happiness, love, and acceptance of ourselves starts in our minds, our hearts, our souls and works its way outward.

This is why I create these affirmation candles, to remind you of the love and support you have for yourself. To help you tap back into feeling better, more empowering thoughts about yourself. To help dissolve the inner critic that lives in all our minds and call it out as soon as it rears its nasty head.

Now is the best time for us to decide to feel better about who we are and how we show up in the world around us.


We only have the present moment so let's decide in this moment to support and love ourselves fully, unconditionally.

There are many stepping stones (tools) along the path of self discovery, love, and acceptance and you have to find what resonates with you in order for it to be healing.

Now I'll turn this over to you. What in your own life have you been avoiding and replacing with instant gratification? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

xo Brooke

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