Why "You Are" Affirmations Are Powerful - Ego vs Inner Voice


You Make the Impossible Possible

You Are Powerful

You Are Strong

These affirmations floated through my head as I was in the middle of exercising this morning and kept me going all the way to rowing 5000 meters on the new rowing machine my husband bought us.

I needed those words of encouragement since I was attempting to negotiate with myself on why I could stop at 3000 meters and then again at 600 left to go. I made it to the end without giving up on myself and felt accomplished in finishing something that was physically tiring and repetitive.

One has a lot of time to ponder while scooting back and forth on a rowing machine for 35 minutes. It’s best to let the mind wander in these moments in a sort of meditation. During my affirmation pep talk I let myself sink into how these words felt to me. Then I switched it up and used “I am” affirmations and felt into those as well.

I felt a difference. It’s a difference I’ve known was there, but I hadn’t sat with why yet, until today and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. I also wanted to explain why I feel “You Are” affirmations are empowering and my reasons for doing away with the “I Am” on my candle labels.

The early followers of Mining for Soul may have noticed the affirmations on the candle labels have changed slightly in their point of view from first person to second.

I used to be all about the "I Am" affirmations and still am to a degree, but to a certain degree they always felt very forced in my brain. Forced in the way that I didn’t believe when I told myself I am enough, I am worthy, I am loved. I believed a bit and over time it felt more natural, but there was always a degree of disbelief attached to the words. They didn’t fully integrate into my being.

Enter intuitive writing. For those not familiar with this concept I’ll give a quick description. Intuitive writing is when you sit down and write whatever comes from your intuition (also known as heart, gut, inner voice, soul) and not from your head. You ask questions from your head and then you allow your intuition to answer, writing down whatever pops up as  response. Or you simply allow the words to flow through as you write.

If you’re interested to learn more about this and try it for yourself I recommend Jess Lively’s article, How to Connect to Your Inner Voice, to get started.

What does writing to your intuition have to do with affirmations you may be asking? When you hear your intuition speak it almost always speaks to you in second person, "you are".

When I hear words of affirmation coming from my own intuition I feel a sense of peace and deep belief in the words. It’s like I knew them and somewhere along the way forgot they apply to me. They are being spoken to me and I seem to feel more at ease integrating them into my thoughts.

Whereas ego tends to speak to us in first person, I am. Ego is all about self identifying labels and loves the shit out of labels. We get caught up placing importance on habits and material goods showing others who we are as individuals. We all do this except for the more enlightened beings.

This is what spiritual work, the work of finding our true selves, is all about. Unraveling all the ego identifiers which only serve to box us in.

So far in 2019 I’ve released myself from the labels of alcohol and coffee drinker. So many years of my adult life have been about these two drinks. They were a part of me I felt, until I realized they only served to keep me detached from myself.

While positive affirmations such as I Am Enough and I Am Worthy are not bad, and can produce great results, I started seeing how these started inner battles against my ego that thought I was no good and sucked. It was war in my brain and it was tiring.

Somewhere along the way of this self love spiritual journey I found myself feeling soothed by my soul's intuition. When I hear this voice there is no battle with ego to be had. There’s no fighting because this voice doesn’t speak its language, it bypasses it. With this lack of struggle I more easily integrate these affirming phrases into my being.

I feel the words more powerfully and deeply. I feel at peace and like all is well. I feel the love, that unconditional love that lives within each and every one of us.

If you don’t hear it that only means you aren’t listening, distracting yourself away with the outside noise of life. You can always start listening today, feel into that inner well of peace and love that never runs dry (thanks to Jess Lively again for the well metaphor in this work).

My intention is that my affirmation candles are to be tools to help you unlock your own inner voice, your intuition, your soul (whatever you resonate with calling it). To remind you, on those days when the ego mind is rampant, that you matter and you have everything you need to create the life you dream of living.

Only you can make your impossible possible in this lifetime, but extra support and love (like these candles and their affirmations) can help you feel better as you work through your inner limitations. A little cheerleader always by your side reminding you that

You Are Enough

You Are Worthy

You Are Loved

you are worthy, loved, enough affirmation candles

Affirmation Candles

Thanks for reading today,

xo Brooke

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