What if you believed you were enough to go after your dreams today?

What's stopping you? For me it's been a fear that comes in the form of that pesky negative voice in my head.

You know the one. It says things like...

"Who am I to try and do this?"

"I need more experience, knowledge, ____ (fill in the blank) before I can do this"

"Other people do it better so why should I bother trying?"

And what's behind all this negative self talk?

LOW self worth.

LITTLE self love.

LACK of belief in ourselves.

NOT a fun way to live is it? 

Let's start dissolving that negativity shall we?

 What is takes is consistent reminders to be kind to ourselves. A line of high quality candles have been created to help spread these messages, to remind you of your worth daily.

An aspirational anchor you'll see each day at home, helping you anchor in those good feelings of self worth and love, because guess what?

You Are Enough

Right this very second reading this you are enough to take the first step in birthing that dream of yours.

These candles will be made with top ingredients such as

essential oils

lead free wicks

coco-soy wax blend

Candles adorned with a simple affirmation to remind you of your self worth.

Candles that you will want to display loud and proud in your home. 

Candles that will help remind you that


and you can do anything you decide to believe you can.

Choose your size, color, scent, and mantra.