Mining For Soul is a one-woman operated business out of a home studio. All candles are made and packages by me, Brooke. Nice to meet you!

With good fortune my set-up proves conducive to abide by quarantine rules to keep myself along with others safe while still being able to keep my "doors" open.

All candle containers are sanitized prior to being packaging up in gloves and a mask. All the other ingredients to make the candles, wax, essential oils, wicks all arrive from wholesalers who also abide by safety protocols for COVID-19.

After the order is packed up it's dropped off at USPS already with a pre-paid shipping label applied. No standing in long lines at the post office for your order! It gets placed right away into a secure location.

If you have a concern still please feel free to contact me via email with any information you'd like further clarity around.

Thanks for supporting this small business,

x Brooke