If there's one thing I've learned most over the past two years of being a solopreneur and nothing else is that It.Gets.Lonely.


You doubt your abilities, vision, ideas and it can be easy to believe the negative voices in your head when there's no one else around to talk you off the proverbial ledge of the negative thoughts skyscraper in your mind. 


I know this feeling, this doubt, this fear that everyone around you has what it takes while you don't. 


There's a saying popular in the entrepreneurial world and goes a little something like this,


Being an entrepreneur is the BEST self development tool there is.


From first-hand experience I can tell you that this is 100% accurate. You're made to face all the limiting beliefs and habits that you've grown accustomed to throughout your life. And you do most of it alone. 


I've felt more isolated these past two years than ever before. While it's hard for this INFP to make connections with others I've learned that getting to know my fellow local entrepreneurs leaves me feeling renewed hope and vigor for my own business aspirations. 


This is the reason I've created the Becoming Business Podcast. This podcast is for those of us striking out on our own to come together with our shared struggles. 


Start listening now!